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Alcotox Unique Drops are available in Split. Anti-alcohol drugs guarantee the cessation of alcohol cravings. To successfully purchase Alkotox for Kn 287, you need to register on the official website.

Leave a request on our website in the appropriate fields, enter your phone number and name. The manager will call you shortly and answer all your questions and deliver you to a convenient post office. Croatia guarantees an affordable purchase, if you order a full course, you can buy the drug at a discount of 50% at the lowest price. Pay only after receiving delivery from a courier by post or courier.

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How to get alcohol from Split drops

If you have decided to get rid of alcohol addiction, then it's time to take Alcotox drops. Split anti-alcohol drops in Croatia can only be ordered at an affordable price on the official website of the manufacturer without store fees. You can pay for your order by mail or after receiving it from a courier

To receive Alcotox drops, leave a request through the order form on the website, indicate your name, phone number, and indicate that your place of residence is Split. It hosts production bases and warehouses to increase delivery speeds in Split. Fill out the form to record your order and queue to communicate with the company manager. To confirm the order, the manager will call you on the phone, advise you on the use of drops, calculate the required amount, indicate the appropriate time and place of delivery. In Croatia, the price of Alcotox drops is Kn 287 for a full course of treatment. Treatment for alcoholism will take 3-4 days, the cost of sending the package depends on the city. You pay by mail after receiving the package.

Today, when ordering a full drop, only -50% DISCOUNT is valid.

Reviews about Alkotox in Split

  • Marko
    I did not want to be treated. But my relatives insisted that I start dripping Alcotox. I have high blood pressure, varicose veins, shortness of breath. I like to drink a glass, then it's easier. And then my head and knees hurt. The medicine started dripping. He recovered a week later. I didn't want to drink when it was my godfather's birthday. Then my wife confessed to me that the drops were due to intoxication.
  • Ivana
    My sister brought me alcohol to stop drinking. I really didn't believe it, but according to the instructions, I started dripping 10 drops each time. At first he didn't see anything, but a week later he saw that he had returned from vodka. I gained more strength, I feel better, I even did sports.
  • Ivica
    My normal wife became depressed after she was fired. Anxiety, confusion. Then there was a hole. Martini loves it, always gets it. A drug therapist I know advised Alkotox. Without realizing it, I started adding drops to his cup. He soon became happier, slept better, and doesn't fall for a martini anyway. I will also take these drops.